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Cloud Computing Foundation Complete Certification Kit – Study Guide Book and Online Course. Review by Juan Felipe Betancur Uribe Review for Cloud Computing 


The Cloud Computing Certification Pathway consists of three levels.

The foundation program includes all the basics required for understanding cloud computing services and also the major service management processes utilised in the IT organisation.
Upon completion of the foundation level, participants will move on to the specialist programs. To progress through the pathway, participants must complete all three of these programs.
At the pinnacle of the cloud computing certification pathway is the managing services in the cloud program.

This level deals with management-level cloud computing, including:

  • Managing the different stakeholders affected by the adoption of cloud computing
  • Clarifying benefits and ROI of cloud computing
  • IT service management processes of a strategic and tactical nature.
  • Managing risk
  • Managing the cultural change

Alternatively, students may chose to complete individual programs provided all prerequisites are met.

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