Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit

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A Foundation for Successful Business Intelligence!

Data Warehousing is fast becoming a vital ingredient for many organizations in order to successfully and effectively manage data that is important to their enterprise. Experience the numerous benefits of successful Data Warehousing implementation today! Data Warehousing actively provides you with 5 key benefits:

-  Enhanced Business Intelligence

-  Mitigation of operational risks

-  A comprehensive and integrated perspective of the enterprise

-  Increased query and system performance

- Fast and easy access to current and historical data

The Art of Service has designed this toolkit to introduce Data Warehousing and Analysis concepts, and provide you with the tools to successfully create a workable Data Warehousing and Analysis culture in your organization. We provide you with step-by-step guides, templates, and best practice examples that will enable you to meet this challenge head on.

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Data is an essential component to decision making, and in modern businesses, the need to obtain, store, and use data has increased dramatically as the complexities and scope of the global marketplace has expanded. Data Warehousing is an environment established for the sole purpose of gathering, integrating, and delivering data from across multiple data sources for use in enterprise decision-making. Its effectiveness can be expanded to support any person, process, or system needing current or historical data which is consistent and relatable.

Enhance your Business Intelligence processes today with this on-trend Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit. Businesses looking to improve data management, historical intelligence, and create a high return on investment can find the much needed solution to data dramas within this Toolkit! Managers interested in creating and maintaining a seamless enterprise information system can finally breathe a sigh of relief!

The Art of Service has designed this toolkit to introduce Data Warehousing and Analysis concepts, and provide you with the tools to successfully create a workable Data Warehousing and Analysis culture in your organization.

This toolkit provides the answers to all your Data Warehousing questions and is designed to provide a guiding hand to assist you in improving your knowledge and understanding of Data Warehousing and Analysis by offering a step-by-step, easy-to-follow roadmap. It also includes easy-to-use templates, assessments, presentations, and documents that can be adapted to your organization's requirements.

The PowerPoint presentations can be used to educate staff as the basis for management presentations or when making business cases for implementation.

Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit

The supporting documents, assessments, and templates will help you identify the areas within your organization that require the most activity in terms of change and improvement, and will provide a starting point when designing and implementing new designs, policies, and procedures.

The additional resources will enable you to improve your organization’s Data Warehousing and Analysis understanding and knowledge base.

 The Complete Toolkit Includes:

  • Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit
    • Toolkit Roadmap-Data Warehousing and Analysis.doc
    • Data Warehousing Introduction Presentation.ppt
    • Data Warehousing Development Process.doc
    • Understanding Data Warehousing.ppt
    • Understanding Data Analytics and Mining.ppt
    • Data Dimension Worksheet.doc
    • Working with Data in the Cloud.doc
  • Data Warehousing and Analysis Design Documents
    • Data Warehousing-Availability Requirements.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Cost Model Template.xls
    • Data Warehousing-Detailed Design.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Functional Design.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Hardware-Software Resource Requirements.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Interface Design Specification.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Technical Architecture.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Security Service Requirement.doc
  • Data Warehousing and Analysis Infrastructure Support Documents
    • Data Warehousing-AS-BUILT Template.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Business Continuity Strategy.doc
    • DW-Component Failure Impact Analysis Worksheet.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Emergency Response Plan.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Service Outage Analysis.doc
  • Data Warehousing and Analysis Project Initiation Documents
    • Data Warehousing-Budgeting Guidelines.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Business Plan.doc
    • DW-Business Requirements and Feasibility Study.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Change Management Process.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Charging Policies.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Charging Template.xls
    • Data Warehousing-Project Initiation.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Project Scope.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Request for Change Form.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Risk Assessment Template.doc
    • Data Warehousing-Risk Register.xls
    • Data Warehousing-Service Based SLA.doc


Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit


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It took us 80+ man-hours to produce the Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit—analyzing, processing, selecting, editing, and building the “flow” from the countless documents and data we have produced over the months (at least $50/hour that comes to over $4,000 of time).

In total, the end result—the Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit—reflects over a full-time employee’s fortnight work.

At the Art of Service, we know how important your time is for you and we also understand that nobody can substitute you in certain scenarios. This is why we give you the results without you having to do all the legwork; we do the researching and the analysis and the collating of information we find.

All you have to do is take the outcome of all that work and use it as part of your project—to make it unique to your job, project, or task at hand, in a way that only you can do.

Purchase now and you have an instant ROI by having the right information at your fingertips and saving hundreds and hundreds of hours of research time.

Data Warehousing and Analysis Toolkit