Data Monetization Critical Capabilities

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Work with a team of engineers, data scientists, designers and other product managers to define, prototype and launch innovative solutions that meet customer needs and business goals in scalable ways.  



Ready to use prioritized Data Monetization requirements, to:

  • Shift from a product selling to a data driven services business model.
  • Use data to run your business better.
  • Protect your business and its customers when personal information is no longer private.
  • Balance the need for data access with data use.
  • Measure the value of data and analytics.
  • Make data sharing transparent to customers to ensure acceptance.
  • Combine your data with new AI solutions to become nimble and smarter.
  • Leverage your own data assets to compete against data-driven rivals.
  • Leverage customer data and behaviors for further monetization.
  • Lower the cost of data preparation and cleansing.



The Art of Service has identified and prioritized Data Monetization critical capabilities and use cases to assess and use. Leaders can select those results that best align with their business needs before implementing a solution.

The Art of Service's Critical Capabilities evaluates and prioritizes hundreds of results to help with the outcome selection process.

This Critical Capabilities guide will enable leaders to shortlist hundreds of appropriate results fast, because they are uniquely ready-to-use prioritized, starting with the 'Must Have' category; the most urgent and critical priorities.

This Guide will help you plan and manage your Data Monetization roadmap.

Table Of Contents 

About The Art of Service 

Data Monetization Critical Capabilities, Meaningful Metrics And Their Prioritization 


Prioritization Of Requirements 

The Prioritization Categories Are: 

  • Must Have 
  • Should Have 
  • Ought to Have 
  • Might Have 
  • Could Have 

Use In New Product/Service/Process Development  


The Critical Data Monetization Capabilities And Their Priorities: 

  • Priority - Must Have # 
  • Priority - Should Have #
  • Priority - Ought to Have # 
  • Priority - Might Have # 
  • Priority - Could Have # 



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